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The world of hospitality, where pleasing everyone who steps into your restaurant is impossible, and that’s why we love this world. We have the power to change someone’s day, add a little bit of humor, and have a random conversation that can leave a positive impact. We aim to design environments that are simple and real, because we need to make sure everyone can have a good time whether it being a family lunch or dinner with friends. We simply love to see people value good food and the people they eat with. This is our motivation to have INDPT, the freedom to create homegrown food concepts that bring people together.


The most interesting conversations happen over a dining table and for that everyone deserves naturally delicious food. We work hard to source local, fresh ingredients that make it. Good food encourages us to connect with friends, new or old, allows us to appreciate moments, and connects us with unforgettable memories. When we eat good food in simple places fueled with energy, the experience stays with us.

R&D Kitchen

We’re constantly creating innovative flavors by experimenting with new ideas in our R&D kitchen. We mix and match ingredients and love to collaborate with young passionate food lovers to create new dishes.

The Concepts

We aim to foster unforgettable shared experiences fueled by great food in simple, timeless places through our independent, homegrown concepts.

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