Switch restaurant & lounge is the first restaurant in the UAE designed by the prolific Karim Rashid. With a contemporary, futuristic design & an international menu of fusion dishes, our aim is to elevate dining standards. The idea is to create a switch where dining is a pleasurable experience, not just a necessity.


SALT is not just a food truck, it’s an experience – a flavorful ingredient we all share and an enriching element that adds significant value to our lives. It is a destination that makes residents feel like tourists, and tourists feel like residents in the know. Every destination targets a lifestyle and every destination has a slightly different feel to it.


A culinary obsession to celebrate timeless spaces inspired by neighborhood parks. It is a concept that revolves around Mr. Parker, the keeper of the park, who’s been hiding keys around the city for an access to Parker’s. He’s an old man with a modern twist bringing food from around the world and creating an experience that brings flavorful food to a social setting. Parker’s menu is experimental, you would find chocolate and coffee in a burger and that’s completely normal to Parker. Many dishes will remind you of the past, leaving you with a nostalgic feeling of your childhood.


When non-coffee enthusiasts (aka regular people) hear about speciality coffee, it seems intimidating. Grind aims to change that by creating signature coffee drinks for the masses using high quality beans that are roasted daily. Grind is not your usual cup of coffee, its is signature coffee and great dessert served in a cup. We won’t tell you any more, visit Salt at Kite beach to get a cup of Grind.

Bakery Joint

We love our buns soft and fresh, and we were never satisfied with what’s out there. So, we’ve created Bakery Joint to create the best baked goods for our outlets, and soon enough you may just find your favorite buns and baked goods on supermarket shelves.

We believe that everyone deserves naturally delicious food.

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