SALT sprouted from an Airstream trailer at Dubai Kite Beach with the idea that real ingredients taste better. It is more than just a burger place where you eat quickly and go. SALT takes pride in creating a lifestyle movement where guests are welcomed as part of the SALT family, calling everyone 'Salters' and going the extra mile to make sure everyone enjoys the experience.

It is meant to be a 'Destination' that makes residents feel like tourists and tourists feel like residents. Just like the ingredient that enriches the flavor to a meal, SALT adds life to underserved locations, creating an environment like no other.

SALT was introduced in 2014 through a #findsalt campaign on Instagram – we distributed 100 salt shakers to people and asked them to take photographs of it in places, activities or with people that meant a lot to them. We wanted to find out what means the most to people, and to discover the places that they like to go.

We listened. Salters have determined the many SALT destinations and continue to influence the look and feel of the brand.

Whatever we are today is because you asked for it.